Founded by Luigi Napoli, Artistica Salernitana does not offer an oven but the oven. A product now known and used all over the world, born from an ingenious and futuristic idea that has set the standard over time.

It was 1970 when Luigi Napoli had the intuition that would revolutionize the wood-fired oven market: he understood, in fact, that the time had come to create an oven suitable for every type of dough and that could satisfy everyone’s needs.

An intuition born from the consolidated knowledge of the material which, for three generations, has united the Napoli family: Pasquale, Luigi’s father, worked with the calcara, the ancient kiln used to make lime. A cultural background that was useful for the creation of a modern, effective and extremely versatile oven. A sort of blank canvas on which you can paint freely.


In those years the Neapolitan oven, built with Salerno refractory bricks, represented a status among pizza makers.

Luigi Napoli realized that it was necessary to move from Salerno brick (R900) to Sorrento brick and that a new form of insulation was necessary, moving from a non-homogeneous shape to a homogeneous “point to point”. In this way, in fact, the structure is able to absorb heat, thus allowing temperatures to be managed and guaranteeing an oven suitable for any type of processing.

The oven built with Sorrento brick thus became a model, so much so that even the “Neapolitan school” followed Luigi Napoli’s example.
Thus was born the Artistica Salernitana oven which still today guarantees a quality, excellent product that satisfies everyone’s needs.

Luigi Napoli and Artistica Salernitana also deserve credit for being ahead of their time: with almost half a century to go, a perfect oven for cooking all types of dough was created.

This is why every year over 500 customers, all over the world, choose to rely on our company, which since 1970 has had as its motto and passion: “The art of knowledge”.