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Our history

Founded by Luigi Napoli, Artistica Salernitana does not offer an oven but the oven. A product now known and used all over the world, born from a brilliant and futuristic idea that has set a precedent over time.

It was 1970 when Luigi Napoli had the intuition that would revolutionize the wood-fired oven market: he understood, in fact, that the time had come to create an oven suitable for every type of dough and that could satisfy everyone’s needs.

An intuition born from the consolidated knowledge of the material which, for three generations, has united the Napoli family: Pasquale, Luigi’s father, worked with the calcara, the ancient kiln used to make lime. A cultural background that was useful for the creation of a modern, effective and extremely versatile oven. A sort of blank canvas on which you can paint freely.

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The uniqueness of our ovens

Care in the definition of the product, quality and design are combined with the use of the materials of the past, the materials that have always characterized the true Neapolitan oven.

Our ovens facilitate the work of professionals and others, because we only use handmade and unpressed bricks and soil (Sorrento) which, thanks to their porosity, absorb the heat, gradually releasing it, favoring homogeneous and perfect cooking.

The presence of a large quantity of highly resistant refractory material allows perfect insulation, which combined with an accurate study in the construction of the vault, provides a large supply of heat, thus avoiding cooling and temperature changes during working hours.

Our oven manages to have record performance with minimal consumption, at full capacity 5 kg of wood per hour is sufficient. At 450 degrees internal it disperses only 30 degrees on the external surface.

Even after the oven is turned off, the temperature does not degrade suddenly, but with an average drop in the first few hours of less than 3 degrees per hour, allowing the temperature to be maintained even above 300 degrees when restarted the following day.
Thanks to this, it only takes 30 minutes to return to 450 degrees.



Versatility and quality

Over time, the quality of the dough has changed considerably, traditional doughs have been replaced by more hydrated doughs and with different mixes of flours which make the product more elastic, with longer leavening times and with greater cooking difficulties.

Our ovens, thanks to their peculiar characteristics, are able to cook any type of dough, guaranteeing the right balance of temperatures and oxygenation such as to leave the taste and fragrance of your preparations unaltered.

In fact, we are able to offer excellent versatility in the cooking of every type of dough: from classic Neapolitan pizza to contemporary pizza, passing through the typical Roman pinsa, up to typical bakery preparations, pizzas by the slice or in the pan, and much more. other.

Artistica Salernitana wood-fired ovens offer a unique experience by combining the convenience and ease of use typical of rotary ovens and the dynamism typical of electric ovens.

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